Congrats to everyone who participated! And now for our top winners!

1 TeamLux (925)
2 PentaHex (890)
3 daninnm (890)
4 cowosity (770)
5 JHDiscord (700)
6 Richardson High School (695)
7 team leche (625)
8 GeekySquad (600)


15 Minutes Left - Scoreboard frozen!

Scoreboard is frozen for the last 15 minutes of the competition. There has been a lot of movement!


30 minutes left!

30 minutes left! Survey is available at


Quantum Challenge Submissions

The regex engine that parses the submissions for both of these challenges appears to be hanging or not functioning as I had intended it to (it's regex!). We have added a static flag; if you believe you have a correct answer for either of these two challenges, message Parker Garrison on Slack.


Issue with "Get Your Kicks On Route 66" challenge

One of our challenges, "Get Your Kicks On Route 66", was not accepting correct answers -- thanks to the individual who raised this issue on Slack. If you were marked as incorrect on this challenge but think you had the right answer, try resubmitting.
If you have any other questions for the admins, please ask them at:


Don't forget the survey! / Final challenge released with educational text

The final survey is open for 150 points! If you completed the first survey, you can still complete this one for points. Although only 1 team member needs to complete it, we would like to hear the perspectives of everyone who attended to know how to make this event even better next time.
Additionally, a new intro to quantum challenge has been created; education text has been added for it with the challenge description. This is the final new challenge. Since there were no solves on the other more advanced challenge in this category, it is also worth 50 points!


Final crypto challenge and survey!

The survey and final crypto challenge have been published. The survey is worth 150 points! Only one team member needs to fill it out, but we would appreciate the input of every member of the team. With no solves in the Quantum Computing category, we may add a second challenge there.


Crypto Updates and Survey

If you just attempted a submission for one of the new crypto challenges and were marked wrong, please try again! The survey will be released at 5:30 pm along with the final crypto challenge. No challenges will be added after this time.


New Challenges and Updated Cracking #6

1 classical and 1 modern crypto challenge have been released. Refresh the challenges page to view! Additionally, there has been an update for Password Cracking #6 providing an easier password to crack as an alternative to solve the challenge.


Hint regarding Password Cracking Challenges

A lot of people have been trying common password wordlists such as rockyou, which might help crack 3 of the passwords even without a mask (for example, where 'e' is changed to '3' and letters are capitalized) but not others. Still, what you are able to crack using rockyou can guide you in the right direction. Hint regarding password cracking challenges: The hackers all have a common interest outside of hacking. Can you determine it from the first two or three? Rockyou and other password wordlists are going to be of limited help beyond here. The passwords can be cracked on commodity hardware. From Cracking #1: "We know that they think they are 1337 but they don't like to use symbols after the words at the base of their passwords, because they heard "Password1!" was a bad password without understanding why. They are known to share a similar interest outside of computers, which may be reflected in their passwords. Note: some of these passwords are unlikely to be found verbatim in password cracking lists or in lists on the internet. It will be necessary to construct wordlists once you find out what the theme is, and extend the wordlists that you find to create longer sensible phrases that might be used as the base of passwords. Hint: use password cracking software such as hashcat, or john the ripper, to try many possible combinations at once. without a GPU, it can be done in under 1 hour on a decent processor. Hint: start with lower entropy, and think how longer passwords might be constructed specific to terms in this domain (field)." Note also that many of you managed Cracking #5 which is worth more points -- it is supposedly more complex than Cracking #1-#4, so think about where it might fit in with the rest given these hints.


Congrats! Standings for Day 1

Thanks to everyone who tried their best -- with over 150 participants in the first year, this was bigger than we had expected. Additional challenges may be released (we will be releasing another Crypto challenge due to feedback) and/or point values of existing challenges with a low solve rate may be increased to encourage you to solve them for Day 2! That being said, the top standings for the Sprint Round! Top registered as Multi-person teams: JHDiscord (460) L Distribution (410) CYberMouflons (360) Top registered as One-person teams: daninnm (515) PlayFair2K19 (440) as (390)


The Final Countdown for the Sprint Round! Don't forget the survey.

It's The Final Countdown! The survey should take a few minutes, and you will be able to go back and edit it to provide more details after the cutoff if you wish. 70% of teams have solved a challenge -- congrats to all who tried and learned something new! On the scoreboard, 1st place is at 415 points and 2nd place is just 5 points behind. Who will win? Hope to see you all back here or still here tomorrow! Get some rest, and don't forget to make use of the videos on Slack: --->


How has it gone? Day 1 -- Survey Released for 100 points!

With 20 minutes left, we are releasing the survey. It is worth 100 points! Reload the challenges page for the "Survey" category. Scores will freeze at 8:56 PM ET / 00:56 UTC to tabulate the scoreboard for the short round, but you may continue working during that time. Survey link:


Introductory Challenge Videos Posted on Slack

All of the intro videos have posted: Check them out for a walkthrough of the introductory challenges!


Programming and Quantum Challenges Updated

Programming and quantum challenges updated to fix formatting issues and missing inputs.


Challenges Released

All of the initial challenges have been released. Refresh the challenges page to view them!